Yuva Premier League NASM

Yuva Premier League (YPL)

It is a national-level intercollegiate sports competition that provides our students with hands-on practical experience in planning, organizing and executing a sports event.

Josh Event


As the name suggests, JOSH, our intercollegiate youth festival is all about the energy, enthusiasm and excitement of the students. Started in the year 2006, this festival endorses a different theme every year, that puts to test students’ potential talent, skills and creativity.


Mr and Mrs Academia

Mr. and Ms. Academia

Mr. and Ms. Academia is a pageant that embodies the spirit of today’s educated youth and their talent. This competition offers our students a platform to present their confident, intelligent and charming selves.

Student Idol

Student Idol

The purpose of this competition is to encourage students to showcase their singing, dancing and other unique skills. We recognize, appreciate and celebrate their special talent.