Industry Testimonial-kapil Dev

Kapil Dev - Legendary Indian Cricketer

"It is absolutely important to be passionate and follow a strict routine so that the passion doesn't go away. You shouldn't be money-oriented in terms of following your passion because if you follow your passion, it'll bring out the best in you and that's what's going to fetch you wealth. Allow your life to revolve around your passion.
There are two types of people in the world; one is someone who constantly thinks of changing his/her life but never works upon it and the second one is someone whose life revolves around their passion. I am glad to say that I am from the second type. If you're passionate towards your work, you will eventually get good results."

Miguel Macedo-FIFA Director

Miguel Macedo -FIFA Director, Players & Promotion Events

"Sports isn’t only defined by what happens on the field, but what happens off the field is what truly defines the sports we see today. I am pleased that NASM has taken the steps to focus on sports careers off the field. I am sure NASM would provide quality education in Sports Management and have its students working all around the world in sports."

Industry Testimonial-Jonty Rhodes

Jonty Rhodes - South African Legend, Ex-Mumbai Indian Coach

"Sports, as a career in India, offers a vast and varied opportunity for different people with different skill sets. At the beginning of your career, it feels really exciting with a lot of opportunities coming your way. What's exciting for me is getting to know the new frontier SPORTS MANAGEMENT. In my opinion, it takes a while to be successful, but when you are, the growth is exponential. So hold on and buckle your seatbelts and be ready to hustle because there is a lot of scope. I think you all have entered the industry at a great time. You are starting right and it's a brand new field where you all will have to make the rules."

Industry Testimonial-Luis Figo

Luis Figo - Former Real Madrid, Barcelona & Inter Milan Player

"In today's time of specializations and global competitiveness, qualified professional Sports Managers are required to fill the gap. NASM is playing a crucial role in the development & growth of the Sports sector of India by providing a blend of academic rigour with industry training thus creating the Sports Managers of the future. I am happy to see NASM taking this Sports Management education initiative. NASM is definitely making many dreams come true by providing these professional programmes to the youth of the country."

Industry Testimonial-kushal

Kushal Das - General Secretary, All India Football Federation

"India is going through a paradigm change in the field of sports. Many sports are gaining importance with advent of different leagues like the Indian Super League in football and similar leagues in hockey, kabaddi etc. More careers are opening up in the field of sports which never existed before, and many professionals who are passionate for sports are taking part in this revolution of sports in the country. With lack of credible formal education in sports in India, NASM is a great initiative. Kushal Das General Secretary, All India Football Federation INDUSTRY OPINION ABOUT NASM The team behind NASM is a professional outfit and have taken many such initiatives before in the field of sports and we wish them all the very best for the same. Let us all participate in building India into a SPORTING NATION."

Juan Cantero - CEO of Meta Final SL, Visiting Faculty , Real Madrid, Spain

"NASM, is a great Business School. They have a wonderful panel of professors and persistent staff. The students are tremendously passionate and are always curious to know more. It feels great to impart knowledge and experience right from Europe to India, a nation that's developing at such a quick pace. It's crucial for the industry to have skilled professionals. I'm glad that NASM is nurturing talented professionals all across the country."