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UG Courses in Sports Management

Undergraduate Programmes in Sports Management today enjoys a great likeability among its youth. This is happening due to the growing popularity of sports management as a career choice. As per several studies, students holding a degree in Bachelor of Sports Management in India are going to play a pivotal role to steer the growth of the sports industry in India.

According to a FICCI report, the sports industry in India is about to achieve a staggering growth of 150 billion dollars by 2024. This growth is being driven and fueled by several reasons and changes that are being felt and experienced across the country;

  1. Rising Global Economic Prominence of India
  2. Increasing Sports-Related Viewership in India
  3. Growing Rise of Disposable Income
  4. Growing Importance towards Fitness
  5. A Paradigm Shift of Interest towards other Sports, Besides Cricket

Hence to be a part of this spectacular growth and journey, We at Nest Academy of Sports Management are committed and laser-focused to provide and offer the best sports management courses in India.

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What does a Sports Manager do?
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