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Top Entry Level Sports Management Jobs

Is there really a Bright Future for Sports Management in India

Although the management majors of many sports dream of running a big ball league club, the first job for a college graduate will probably be less glamorous. However, for those who love sports, earning a sports management degree from NASM is a way to stay close to the game while developing a career in a lucrative field. Sports management majors are qualified for many entry-level positions where they can learn more about the company and advance their careers.

Event Management

From sports teams to local arenas, several jobs are available in event management. An employee who works in event management could be responsible for planning and implementing a variety of coordination tasks for security personnel to plan sporting events. Event management employees usually work long hours just before and during sporting events. Graduates interested in working in event management should enjoy working in a rapidly changing environment and solving problems.


In most levels of competition, getting fans in the seats during games is the main way teams make money. This makes positions very important, as these marketing jobs are responsible for promoting fan attendance to ensure that the teams are profitable. Graduates in a sports management degree in India in marketing could plan promotional gifts, meet customers of companies to sell luxury seats or tickets in bulk or at work to create eye-catching advertising campaigns. Graduates who enjoy working with others and have taken courses in marketing, advertising, or related fields can excel in marketing positions.


For the college sports departments and other amateur sporting events, problems with respect are of vital importance. Sports management graduates can find entry-level work in the field of compliance, who often work for their college while staying in the school. People working in the compliance department must work to ensure that coaches and players understand the rules while keeping ongoing documentation and other records. While employment in respect is a behind-the-scenes task, those who work in respect will work closely with coaches and players and often do not function during games.

Public relations

The responsibility of those who work in entry-level positions in public relations varies depending on the employer. Small colleges and minor league baseball teams would only be able to have a few PR employees completing a variety of tasks while large colleges and professional teams will have multiple employees assigned to specific areas. Public relations working for a sports team could include developing charity projects for a team's players, planning facility visits, and responding to requests for information from journalists and others. Candidates pursuing sports management courses in journalism, communication or related fields may have an added advantage when competing for jobs in public relations.

Finding a Job Post Graduation

When a candidate applies for these entry-level jobs, it can be overwhelming. You can apply for interesting job openings simply through classified pages or online websites. Another option is to contact the department or facilities in which you are planning to work; this way, they may allow the candidate to send in the job application.

Companies look for a few characteristics when it comes to hiring sports management graduates:

  • Rich knowledge of sports the world
  • Leadership potential
  • Critical thinking in planning and managing a sports program

Finding your first job in sports management services demands intense research and effort. Don’t forget that securing a good position requires extra time.

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