Masters Degree

Masters of Business Administration in Sports Management
Duration - 2 Years
Eligibility - Graduate (any stream)

NASM is the only institute in India providing a UGC recognized MBA degree in Sports Management. An individual with a MBA degree in Sports Management will attain the highest level of knowledge in Sports Management and thus have the most lucrative and managerial opportunities available to him in various segments such as Sports Marketing , Sports Media, Sports Apparel & Merchandising etc.

There is a strong emphasis on connecting theory to the activities of the industry, through high profile guest speakers, case studies, use of media and planned experiential learning opportunities in the field.

The program will allow students to explore a range of dynamic career opportunities available in the Indian sport industry including the public, nonprofit, and commercial sectors.

The MBA students are prepared for positions in management, marketing, public relations, communications, facility and event management, sales, program development, and human resource management.


Semester - I

1.1. Management Principles And Practice
1.2 Organizational Behaviors
1.3 Corporate Communication
1.4 Fundamentals of Sports & New Age Dynamics
1.5 Management of Sports, Leagues & Teams
1.6 Sports Facilities Planning & management
1.7 Computer Applications In Management*

Semester - II

2.1. Advertising And Sales Promotion
2.2 Marketing Management
2.3 Human Resource Management
2.4 Sports Equipment & Technology Management
2.5 Sports Marketing & Merchandising
2.6 Sports Funding and Financial Management
2.7 Computer Applications In Management* - Practical

Semester - III

3.1. Brand Management
3.2 Management Information System
3.3 Sports Media, Broadcasting & Journalism
3.4 Sports Event Management
3.5 PR, Sponsorship & Advertising in Sports
3.6 Sports Law & Risk Management

Semester - IV

4.1. Sports Training & Tactics
4.2 Basics / Adv Sports Medicine & Nutrition
4.3 Psychology in sports
4.4 International Sports Management
4.5 Global Sports Tourism
4.6 Project & Training Report Viva & Voca Bachelors Degree