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How Does Sports Management Offer a Promising Career in India?

As a sports manager, you will be surrounded by incredible athletes who have dedicated their entire lives to sport.
Do you aspire to become a sports manager or simply explore the field? This blog discusses required skills, Top sports management colleges in India, and courses, salary, and what else it takes to become a sports manager in India?

Who is a sports manager?

The most important job of a sports manager is to support a sports organization by ensuring coaches and athletes have the resources they need to succeed. The certification courses below can help you become a sports manager.

  • Sports management: the basic course
  • Leadership and sports management
  • Sports management: strategy and performance
  • Basics of professional sports management
  • JGI sports management
  • GW Business Sport Management
  • Sport management: business principles in sport

Educational qualifications

Because the competition for jobs in this field is so fierce, having a degree in business administration or sports management from a the best sports management colleges in India is a great asset. Earning a master’s in sports management from a well-known university or business school will make your resume stand out from the rest of the aspirants.

Name of the course

Bachelor of Sports Management Program (BSM) 3 years

How do you prepare for the job?

  • Internships: Internships are a great way to gain experience as a sports manager and learn about the different positions available in the sports industry. As a Sports Management Intern, your main role will be to help manage events, teams, finances and a variety of other tasks.
  • Gain relevant experience: There are many opportunities to gain experience in the sports industry. Charities often organize large sporting events like marathons, which may require extensive planning.
  • Build and Leverage Your Network: Connections are important in the sports industry as it can be competitive, but building a network as a young professional can take time and patience. Yet it is an important step in your career.
  • Participation in sports conferences: Sports conferences offer excellent opportunities to continue learning about sports management outside the classroom. By attending these conferences and interacting with top sports executives, you can meet sports business enthusiasts from across the country. These events are ideal for networking with industry influencers and learning about job and internship opportunities

The 6 most important skills to become a sports manager:

A passion for the field of sports is utmost important to achieve success in this field. Following are the important skills that will help you to gain expertise as a sports manager.

  • Personal management
  • Time management
  • Communication skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Analytical skills
  • solving skills

How much does a sports manager make?

The average annual salary for a novice sports manager in India (1-3 years of experience) is ₹ 6,00,000/-(Approx.). It is important to realize that the sports industry has evolved and now requires a large pool of suitably qualified people. Sports management in India is popular and the Indian sports industry needs talented professionals to lead it. If you are talented in this field, you should definitely apply in this field as there are good opportunities and bright career growth in the field of sports. A sports manager not only earns handsome salary but also enjoys a position of repute.


If you want to become a sports manager in India, you should register with top sports management colleges in India NASM. The best sports management colleges in India like NASM-National Academy of Sports Management offers versatile courses in sports management helping you to build a successful career in this field.

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