Nagindas Khandwala College for Bachelors Degree in Sports Management

BBA (Hons.) in Sports Management

Duration - 3 Years
Eligibility - 12th or equivalent from recognised Board

BBA(Hons.) in Sports Management is the best course to kickstart one’s career in the Sports Industry. It is a comprehensive course that prepares students for the myriad responsibilities of the sports management profession in the 21st century. This course focuses on creating a strong knowledge base with the application of theory, principles, and practices of business in the sports industry. Sports Management graduates will acquire industry knowledge, relevant practical exposure and the right set of technical skills to pursue careers in sports marketing, facility and sports event management, leadership, financial management in sports, etc.

Students will get to learn through classroom sessions as well as practical experiences. Through practical training, internships and placements, we offer diverse opportunities to our students in various industries of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Finance, Law, etc. related to Sports Industry.


Semester - I

1.1 Fundamentals of Sports & New Age Dynamics
1.2 Leadership Principles in Sports
1.3 Principles of Management
1.4 Business Economics
1.5 Business Communication & Soft Skills
1.6 Functional English
1.7 Personality Development

Semester - II

2.1 Management of Sports Leagues & Teams
2.2 Sports Facilities Planning & Management
2.3 Sports Equipment & Technology Management
2.4 Human Resource Management
2.5 Marketing Management
2.6 Practical Training/Internship
2.7 Yoga & Ethics

Semester - III

3.1 Sports & Entertainment Marketing
3.2 Sports Funding & Financial Management
3.3 Sports Media, Broadcasting & Journalism
3.4 Sports Event Management
3.5 PR, Sponsorship & Advertising in Sports
3.6 Professional Industry Engagement (Training)
3.7 Selling Skills

Semester - IV

4.1 Sports Law & Risk Management
4.2 Global Sports Tourism
4.3 Sports Health & Nutrition
4.4 Sports Psychology
4.5 Brand Management
4.6 Work Based Learning Route (Internship)
4.7 Environmental Studies

Semester - V

5.1 Media Management
5.2 Ethics & Governance
5.3 Entrepreneurship & Project Management
5.4 International Sports Management
5.5 Sports Training & Tactics
5.6 Advanced Practical Sports Management (Internship)
5.7 Effective Presentation Skills

Semester - VI

6.1 Soft Skills & Personality Development
6.2 Case Studies
6.3 Sports & Allied Industry Research
6.4 Management of Adaptive Sports
6.5 Capstone Projectt
6.6 Human Rights & Indian Constitutions

"NEST Academy of Sport Management", is not a 'University' and 'not affiliated to a university' and hence, is not empowered to conduct any degree courses or admit the students for the same.


Why should you pursue a degree in sports management?

A sports management Bachelor's degree equips prospects with all the necessary techniques and fundamental knowledge associated with subjects such as Management, Marketing, Finance, Public Relation, Advertising, and Regulatory framework (Law) in the sports industry. Essentially, a BBA/BMS in Sports Management allows candidates to better understand & comprehend the business aspect of a sports organization. As a part of the Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management, they also learn about the emerging technologies in the field of sports management as well as the methods of deploying technological capabilities in the existing model. Moreover, the sports industry is a vibrant and fun-filled industry with great career prospects.

What are the important skills for a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management?

The critical skills taught as a part of our Bachelor of Sports Management programs are organizational skills, communication competency, efficient time allocation, ethics, people skills, creative thinking, multi-tasking capabilities, competent decision making, and analytical thinking that will help prospects to have a successful career in the sports industry. Proficiency in communication is emphasized in the BBA/BMS in Sports Management course to help candidates develop communication capabilities that will enable them to effectively express or present ideas, plans, and strategies with the respective sports team. The BBA in Sports Management Degree program ensures that prospects have the required mathematical and analytical skills to better manage the business and lays a foundation for sports analytics as well as a solid understanding of the marketing, operations, human resources, facilities, law and ethics to further progress toward career goals.

What jobs can you get with a Degree in Sports Management?

The Bachelor's Degree in sports management in India allows candidates to choose a career that perfectly aligns with their goals and suits their interests, be it at the local community level or the big leagues. There are numerous exciting roles and opportunities to explore after completing your education with a Bachelor of Sports Management qualification. The sports industry is multi-faceted and usually involves coordinating events, coaching, working in finance, or working in marketing, public relations, journalism, media to mention a few. Some well-recognized areas in which candidates can apply for various roles after a Sports Management Bachelor's Degree are Sports Production, Sports Facilities & Operations Management, Team Management, Celebrity Management, Accreditation, Athlete development, Event coordinator, Sports Marketer, Contract Analyst, Corporate Partnerships & Sponsorships, Sports Law, Sports Analytics and many others. Employment in the Sports Management industry is thriving.