Undergraduate Programmes in Sports Management today enjoys a great likeability among its youth. This is happening due to the growing popularity of sports management as a career choice. As per several studies, students holding a degree in Bachelor of Sports Management in India are going to play a pivotal role to steer the growth of the sports industry in India.

According to a FICCI report, the sports industry in India is about to achieve a staggering growth of 150 billion dollars by 2024. This growth is being driven and fueled by several reasons and changes that are being felt and experienced across the country;

  • Rising Global Economic Prominence of India
  • Increasing Sports-Related Viewership in India
  • Growing Rise of Disposable Income
  • Growing Importance towards Fitness
  • A Paradigm Shift of Interest towards other Sports, Besides Cricket

Hence to be a part of this spectacular growth and journey, We at Nest Academy of Sports Management are committed and laser-focused to provide and offer the best sports management courses in India.

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The role of a sports manager is diverse and engaging at every front. On a day to day basis, it is glued with many challenges and responsibilities. To accentuate these include;

  • Facilitating smooth public relations between athletes, coaches, and media.
  • Planning and Accounting for the teams abroad and regional travel plans.
  • Striking and maintaining a balance between the organization's income against the set financial obligations
  • Partnering with promotional brands, landing endorsements. launching and meeting fundraisers.
  • Instructing and helping the team personnel and athletes with the correct methods to perform and deliver the desired media interaction.

Being one of the finest Sports Management Institute in India, We firmly believe and state there are ample opportunities and bright career prospects embedded with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management or even with a postgraduate programme.

Some of the career opportunities in the sports industry include:
Sports Federations, Sports Marketing & Branding, Sports Merchandising, Sports Celebrity Management, Sports Facilities Management, Sports Event Management, Sports Equipment Manufacturing, Recreation and Sports Club Management, Sports Media & Broadcasting, Sports League & Team Management, Sports Marketing Research and more.

To excel in any field of interest or career choice is important to begin well. The same mantra applies while deciding upon the best undergraduate degree to pursue sports management.

Hence, deciding upon the best UG degree in sports management can become a tough dilemma. But we at Nest Academy of Sport Management firmly believe the following undergraduate degrees in sports management will shape the dynamic future of the sports industry globally.

To emphasize some of these include:

Candidates who have successfully cleared their 12th-grade examination are eligible for BBA (Hons.) in Sports Management. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Sports Management is a popular three-year bachelor’s degree - an ideal program specifically designed for those who want to pursue their careers in the sports industry. Being a professional course, it offers students the opportunity to undertake professional projects and focuses on providing industry-centric knowledge throughout the course curriculum. There are plenty of job opportunities in this field after completing the BBA (Hons.) in Sports Management and candidates are also getting huge salaries.