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Simulated Events

We have developed this outstanding methodology to get the real feel of organizing and managing an event Students are trained to make a replica of an event and present it live in the classroom The exercise gives the student’s an opportunity to identify the finer nuances of event execution thereby helping them to identify key success factors and areas of improvement

In House Events

Yuva Premier League (YPL) is a National Level intercollegiate sports competition which is organised by the students and for the students. YPL provides students with the opportunity to not only participate in the sports events but also learn the nitty gritties of managing the sports event from organizing, marketing, branding, advertising etc. This helps them gain practical exposure to organizing the event from start to end.

Mr. and Miss Academia is a Good Looks Pageant with a difference, it embodies the spirit of youth, the educated youth. The competition stresses on the fact that the most beautiful and youthful years of one's life is spent while studying and so education is the most beautiful and attractive part of one's life. The educated youth are the most adored ones, the young graduate or undergraduate has youthful good looks, the charm, the intelligence and is yet fresh and innocent. It is the period when most models, stars and celebs are being sculptured, so we intend to catch them when they are blossoming.

JOSH (since 2006) is an intercollegiate youth festival and an energizing experience that be holds great levels of enthusiasm and excitement by the youth. To extend this enthusiasm and excitement, students organize this mega youth festival JOSH. The festival includes various competitions between the participating colleges which put to test the potential talent, skills and creativity of the students. With all the planning and dedication, it is a promising platform to reach out to the world. Every year, JOSH dawns with a new theme to add that extra spice in the festival.

Student Idol Recently we have seen many youth personality that have proved themselves and created a niche for themselves, but all of them, though extremely capable and talented are great singers and performers. We feel that the Student Idol who represents the student's world would be a super student, a personality rather than only a performer. The purpose to present the Student Idol is to select a male and a female student who has looks, poise, charm, intelligence and even has talents and can perform.

Case Studies

Case studies highlighting various practical and situational issues are regularly discussed during our normal classroom sessions. Exploring such live Case Studies and then identifying what has went wrong in that case or what could have been done better in that situation helps our students to streamline their thought process. This exercise also improves the analyzing ability of our student.

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