NASM+ Partnership with Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea, Spain.

NASM is an institute dedicated to effectively developing highly professional individuals in the field of Sports Management. With the focused aim of creating professionally, academically and ethically sound sports managers and executives, NASM contributes to this burgeoning space in India.

NASM is one of the first few institutes in India to collaborate with colleges, institutions and universities that offer programmes in Sports Management. Identifying the need for experts in the industry, NASM instills its students with basic and advanced theories and techniques in the discipline of management, marketing, merchandising, tourism, law etc. related to the business of sports.

PARTNERSHIP WITH Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea, Spain.

Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea, Spain is a joint venture between Real Madrid and Universidad Europea de Madrid. It offers a wide range of programmes that appeal to all profiles. The educational model goes beyond theory and focuses on learning by experience. It gives students an opportunity to visit the campus during their curriculum. It also gives a chance to complete an internship with Real Madrid C.F

Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea

We’re pleased to have associated with Real Madrid, to provide students with professional and personal skills, learning experience and to promote sports amongst the youth of our country. 

NASM+ Programmes

NEST Academy of Sport Management, in partnership with Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea to offer a unique formative experience in the Sports Industry.

If you have always wondered how to turn your love of Sports into a professional career, consider breaking into the world of Business Sports
Sports is one of the rewarding career options of the country with lots of job opportunities.

We are a world-class programme with the industry’s top talent educating and advising future global leaders in the Business of sports. The programme offers concept based case studies, learning in depth knowledge through the lenses of Global business, sustainability and innovation. This programme offers opportunities to engage in hands on Internships. Advance the new age theory concepts through Research and projects throughout the curriculum. Instructors, faculties and guest speakers bring a wealth of real world experience to the classroom. Students will learn the business life cycle of sports from both academia and industry's finest talent, which will accelerate their career paths in the Sports and Recreation Industry.

Why Choose NASM+ Programmes

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Multi Country Learning - India, Dubai, Spain

The out-of-classroom and global immersion activities in these dynamic sports hubs help students understand the global nature of sports business, the influence of technological advancements and multi cultural attributes on business decisions.

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Entrepreneurial acumen

The Global Sports Management Programme aims at developing an entrepreneurial spirit among students and shares a vision to foster innovation and budding ideas in youths by providing the necessary resources to help them turn their ideas into start-ups.

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Learn Foreign Language

Being able to communicate in the native language of the country you wish to work or study in, has a wide range of benefits. It is also essential for job opportunities as well as integration into the community.

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Internship Training

During the curriculum, Students will get an opportunity to undertake multiple Internships with distinct Corporates from the Sports Industry to gain practical managerial insights, validation of academic concepts & valuable market knowledge.

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Mentorship Programs

The Mentorship Program offers students the opportunity to learn about the way business is practiced today, under the guidance of top executives during their Academic Programme.

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Learn. Apply. Reflect.

Develop your strengths and true career potential through our Sports Management program, workshops,one- on- one leadership and career coaching, and experiential learning opportunities.


Cultural Visit

Engage with leading companies and institutions through global study tours and site visits that are integrated into the curriculum.

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Capstone Projects

Capstone project acts as an intellectual and academic experience that helps to acknowledge one's proficiency.These projects are designed to encourage students to think critically, conduct unique research & hone the research analytics skills and solve challenging problems applying the specific strategies.

NASM+ Programmes Highlights

Get an Indian Degree with a Global perspective
NASM+ Program Highlights - International Immersion Give your CV an edge with International Immersion
Unique high performance learning environment
NASM+ Program Highlights - Learn from Globally experienced Faculty Learn from Globally experienced Faculty
NASM+ Program Highlights - Insights from International Industry leader Gain insights from the International Industry Leaders
Peer Networking during International Immersion
Global Field trips & Industry visits
NASM+ Program Highlights - Pedagogy based on Simulations and Experiential Learning Pedagogy based on Simulations and Experiential Learning
NASM+ Program Highlights - Case Study based Learning Case Study based Learning
NASM+ Program Highlights - Project at the end of the Programme Capstone project at the end of the Programme
NASM+ Program Highlights - Opportunity to gain experience ad leading sports organization Opportunities to gain invaluable, real-life experiences at leading sports organisations.
NASM+ Program Highlights - Build an International Network Build an International Network
Prepares graduates for a range of leadership and management roles in Sports Industry
NASM+ Program Highlights - Exposure to global culture Exposure to Global cultural & Professional norms
escuela universitaria real madrid universidad europea

Currently partnering in Eight Countries of America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, is a joint venture between Real Madrid and Universidad Europea de Madrid, running since 2006 with a clear international essence and vocation. The School offers 20 Programs focused on diverse areas related to Sports, including Health, Physical Activity & Training, Marketing & Communication and Management, Law & Technologies. The School follows Five Values: Entrepreneurship, Teamwork, Integrity, Leadership & Excellence. The objective is to transmit and share these values, always having the responsibility of giving the best formation to students for both their personal and professional skills to behave according to Real Madrid C.F. historic values.

NASM, Dubai

Nest Academy is licensed by KHDA (Knowledge & Human Development Authority – Dubai) and offers credit bearing UK Qualifications at all levels in new age careers.

We offer specialized University recognized courses with the right blend of practical knowledge and experience, creating a truly futuristic curriculum aimed at producing highly skilled individuals and a launch pad for entrepreneurs. 

Courses Offered

By Nagindas Khandwala College (Affiliated to University of Mumbai)

Admission Procedure

For admission to any of the Global Sports Management programmes candidates must comply with application guidelines of the respective College, Institution & University. The admission process helps us select students whose ambitions and abilities align with the sports management industry.

By following our step-by-step admission guide, we’ll find out more about you while you decide which sports a management programme fits your goals.

**Pursuing a Global Degree programme is a big investment for your future. In order to support best candidates, we offer generous scholarships to candidates who meet the entry requirements.

NASM Get Shortlisted
kapil dev testimonial

Kapil DevLegendary Indian Cricketer

“It is absolutely important to be passionate and follow a strict routine so that the passion doesn't go away. You shouldn't be money-oriented in terms of following your passion because if you follow your passion, it'll bring out the best in you and that's what's going to fetch you wealth. Allow your life to revolve around your passion.”

Juan Cantero testominial

Juan CanteroCEO of Meta Final SL,
Visiting Faculty , Real Madrid, Spain

“NASM, is a great Business School. They have a wonderful panel of professors and persistent staff. It feels great to impart knowledge and experience right from Europe to India, a nation that's developing at such a quick pace. I'm glad that NASM is nurturing talented professionals all across the country.”

jonty rhodes testominial

Jonty RhodesSouth African Legend,
Ex-Mumbai Indian Coach

“Sports, as a career in India, offers a vast and varied opportunity for different people with different skill sets. What's exciting for me is getting to know the new frontier SPORTS MANAGEMENT. I think you all have entered the industry at a great time. You are starting right and it's a brand new field where you all will have to make the rules. ”

Miguel Macedo testominial

Miguel MacedoFIFA Director,
Players & Promotion Events

“Sports isn’t only defined by what happens on the field, but what happens off the field is what truly defines the sports we see today. I am pleased that NASM has taken the steps to focus on sports careers off the field. I am sure NASM would provide quality education in Sports Management and have its students working all around the world in sports. ”

Luis Figo testominial

Luis FigoFormer Real Madrid,
Barcelona & Inter Milan Player

“In today's time of specializations and global competitiveness, NASM is playing a crucial role in the development & growth of the Sports sector of India by providing a blend of academic rigour with industry training thus creating the Sports Managers of the future. I am happy to see NASM taking this Sports Management education initiative. NASM is definitely making many dreams come true by providing these professional programmes to the youth of the country. ”

Luis Kushal Das testominial

Kushal DasGeneral Secretary,
All India Football Federation

“India is going through a paradigm change in the field of sports. More careers are opening up in the field of sports which never existed before, and many professionals who are passionate for sports are taking part in this revolution of sports in the country.NASM is a great initiative. The team behind NASM is a professional outfit and have taken many such initiatives before in the field of sports and we wish them all the very best for the same. Let us all participate in building India into a SPORTING NATION.”