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If you're new to hosting sporting events or it's been a while since you've hosted one, you may be wondering where to start when hosting your next event.
We've worked with hundreds of event planners across the country who often face similar challenges as they prepare for their big day. We've put together some of our top tips for hosting your sporting event so you can avoid some of the pitfalls other organizers have fallen into.

1. Brand Image Building

Giving attendees as many reasons as possible to remember your event is crucial, and a beautiful website and equally impressive event will attract and retain more people. You want to engage people as soon as they visit your website – there's nothing worse than a boring or outdated page. Be sure to design branded event furniture, such as curtains, banners, flags, which will attract the attention of attendees and passers-by. An event with a clear brand image will stay in the memory for a long time and will spark interest even after the launch of your event.

2. Find a sponsor

Having a good company or local authority to sponsor your event can be critical to running a smooth and successful event. Aside from the obvious easing of the financial burden of hosting your sporting event, they will help build some beneficial relationships in the community. In exchange for some of their brands at your event, you'll likely get access to more publicity, engagement, participation, and an extra pair of hands for the day!

3. Marketing

It is essential to promote the event with online and offline marketing. You don't want only the most dedicated people to come - you want everyone to know about the event and want to be there.Contact local sports clubs, communities and organizations and get in touch with local newspapers/advertisers. This will help inform people in the area. You can then use a good social media strategy to reach a wider audience – but be sure to give your campaign enough time to reach people and enough time for them to fit into their busy schedules.

4. Staff/Volunteers/Officials

Do not underestimate the number of hands necessary for the smooth running of your event! A poorly run event will surely discourage people from returning in the future. Put together a team of trusted people who organize efficiently and ensure a good event. You can contact local sports clubs, schools or charities to ask for volunteers - you can't get enough. You also need referees or officials who can make your event "official". Events such as running or cycling must be verified and must have the correct timing systems in place.

5. Set Health and Safety Regulations

Not exactly the most exciting, but essential nonetheless. Read the health and safety regulations to find out what is needed (such as a risk assessment) and see which policies you need, especially in the event of unforeseen incidents. It is also important that attendees sign a liability waiver when they enter, to cover themselves from injury or damage.

6. Get the date and place booked well in advance

Today, sporting events are scheduled several years in advance (especially in crowded areas). If you want to host your event in a popular location or during a peak time of the year, make sure it doesn't clash with other community events. The more you inform local authorities and businesses, the more they will comply. Also for your own safety, this means you can start planning the day yourself instead of worrying about permissions and licenses.

7. Gifts and prizes

Small gestures like an event medal or t-shirt or recognizing first place finishers mean a lot. It's a great way to give attendees a sense of accomplishment and create lots of photo opportunities (which in turn generates great marketing material).The gifts and prizes should be made and delivered well in time to avoid last minute delays.

Here are the top tips for hosting a sporting event. This list is by no means exhaustive, but if you can complete all of the above, you are well on your way to hosting a great event.

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