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7 Major Reasons to Pursue PGDSM in Mumbai

Is there really a Bright Future for Sports Management in India

Lately, sports management has been gaining immense popularity among the young generation in India. Owing to its increased demand, colleges across India have come up with different types of sports management courses. Apart from the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, another program that has recently taken center stage is the Post Graduation in Diploma in Sports Management (PGDSM) program. A PGDSM program focuses on the business-related aspects of the sports industry, with a theoretical as well as a practical approach.

Among the numerous colleges across India for sports management, Mumbai hosts some of the best ones. Mumbai, also known as the business capital of India, is a major hub for the sports industry when it comes to its business and finances. This city has some of the finest sports management colleges in India, promising excellent and endless career opportunities to every student. These sports management colleges in Mumbai offer various types of courses, including PGDSM courses. Also, these colleges are approved by AICTE, the Ministry of Education, Government of India. Read more to know why it is a great idea to pursue post graduate diploma in sports management in Mumbai.

7 Major reasons to pursue PGDSM in Mumbai

  • 1.Short duration, with more practical knowledge:

    The PGDSM courses in Mumbai have a short duration of 6 months to 1 year. This is a great way for the students to grasp maximum knowledge in a short span. Also, these PGDSM courses focus on providing more practical knowledge to the students. This way, the students can have a clear understanding of all the practical aspects of sports management.
  • 2.Offers a wide range of specializations:

    The PGDSM courses in Mumbai have various specializations, allowing the students to focus on their specialized areas of interest. Some of these specializations include marketing, finance, PR and advertising, sports analytics, and many others.
  • 3.Low cost:

    The cost of PGDSM courses in Mumbai is quite reasonable, as opposed to other MBA courses, with a high ROI. As a result, whoever wants to pursue a career in the sports industry can easily afford to join a PGDSM course in Mumbai.
  • 4.Guaranteed placements:

    The colleges that offer PGDSM courses in Mumbai guarantee placements in some of the most prestigious sports management companies across India and abroad as well. While joining these PGDSM courses in Mumbai, the students can rest assured that innumerable lucrative opportunities are in store for them.
  • 5.High salary packages:

    The PGDSM colleges in Mumbai promise high salary packages to their students. The average annual salary ranges from 5-10 lakhs for students graduating from these PGDSM colleges in Mumbai. After a year or two of experience, a considerable hike is seen in the salary structure.
  • 6.Flexibility:

    The PGDSM colleges in Mumbai offer full-time, part-time, and distance learning courses to students, with varying fee structures. As a result of this flexibility, the students can choose their preferred course as per their convenience and budget.
  • 7.Interaction with the topmost professionals:

    The colleges that offer PGDSM courses in Mumbai allow students to interact with some of the topmost professionals in the sports industry. These colleges collaborate with leading professionals and conduct various guest lectures. Also, the faculties of these colleges are highly educated in the concerned field and have graduated from the best sports management institutes across the globe.


The above-mentioned reasons must be convincing enough for you to pursue a pg diploma in sports management in Mumbai. These courses in Mumbai will guarantee you a bright future in the sports management industry. However, before enrolling in any college, do some research on their various courses, fee structures, and placement opportunities.

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