Digital Learning

Educational wikis:

  • ● NASM has been one of the pioneering institutes to implement the use of wikis in education
  • ● NASM Wikiversity keeps track of education-oriented wikis, establishes constructive interactions with them, and researches their technology, activity, culture, processes, and impact.

Creative Presentation Ideas:

The slideshow presentation as a tool in student education has been overused. Enliven your material and engage your fellow students with these simple ideas.

YouTube Broadcasting of Students:

Online Broadcasting of Students presentations and creations on YouTube. Through broadcasting students get an opportunity to share their ideas & creation with the whole world.

Digital learning sports mangement

Communication and Collaboration:

NASM is one of the first institutes to provide education on Google Apps. Our students get a chance to learn how to use webmail services, shared calendar , Hangouts (instant messaging and voice/video chat) and Drive (online document creation & sharing).

Education through Blogs:

A powerful and interactive medium for learning. Ideal to educate, discuss and share innovative ideas across a large and diverse set of audiences.

Prezi Presentation:

Prezi Presentation : Prezi is a powerful communication and presentation tool that aims to replace powerpoint presentation. Equipping our students with the knowledge of this tool helps in preparing them to adopt easily to the every changing dynamics of the corporate world.


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