Academic Philosophy

The Courses of National Academy of Sports Management have been conceptualized in accordance with eight principles. These are:


We provide up-to-date and relevant curricula, one that is abreast with the latest developments of the Sports Management Industry;


Aiming to hold the student’s curiosity and interest levels, our educational approach is pragmatic with an interesting mix of theoretical and practical concepts;


With the objective of nurturing well-groomed and confident professionals, we strive to prepare our students towards a successful career in Sports Management;


From time to time, we aim to provide our students with numerous challenging opportunities, thanks to many of our pedagogical innovations. This helps to keep them mentally challenged and striving to overcome their inhibitions;


Our aim is to portray ourselves as a hub of excellence and strive towards building strong relationships within the industry;


We believe in playing an active role in shaping the personalities of our students so that they can effectively contribute towards their social obligations towards the society at large;


We lay a high degree of emphasis on building a strong industry connect. Practical training, internships, workshops help in collaborating with the corporate world;


Meticulous and personalized evaluation with continuous feedback, as important benchmarks, we continuously strive towards making our knowledge dissemination processes robust and progress driven;