Why Sports Management ?

Success of Leagues

The success of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has spawned numerous similar league competitions across many sports such as Football, Hockey, Kabbadi, Golf, Badminton, Tennis, mixed Martial Arts, Cycling, Wrestling and so on. These leagues have presented new investors, more spectators, and higher revenues. This, in turn, has unlocked career opportunities with specialized skills and knowledge in sports which are at par with other industries.

Rising interest of Corporates and Film industry

Corporates and Conglomerates such as, Reliance Industries and Hero Motors are now actively taking interest to adopt sports other than Cricket by endorsing , the Indian Super League and the Hockey League respectively thus bringing in higher investment and professional intellect. With the involvement of celebrities, there is a lot more glamour in sports which has a special allure to the national and international brands, inviting these to the fore.

Industry Opinion
I am sure NASM would provide quality education in Sports Management and will have its students working in Sports all around the world.
Luis Figo
Former Real Madrid,
Barcelona & Inter Milan Player
(NASM) institute is a great initiative for providing University Accredited degrees in the field of Sports Management.
Kushal Das
General Secretary
All India Football Federation
Indian Premier League
Devils Circuit
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